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Hello Massachusetts!



My name is Chris Mitchem and I am the co-founder and CEO of Diem Cannabis. We are a family-owned cannabis company and we currently own and operate a farm and two dispensaries in Oregon. We have raised some investment capital for expansion, and our goal is to open a farm and a three dispensaries in Massachusetts. I know we are “out of towners”. However, there are a couple of things to consider before writing us off.

First, we are bringing something that no MA marijuana company has: Over 3 years of experience running a legal recreational cannabis business. We are experienced in running a responsible marijuana business that complies with all state and local laws. We have done all of this before with success. If you put your trust in us you are minimizing your risk because you are putting this important implementation into experienced hands.

Second, even though we are from out of town, our goal is to create dozens of jobs in Massachusetts, invest millions in improving local infrastructure, and pay millions of dollars in taxes that will go straight back into your state and local government’s budget. As I said above, we have financial backing, and we want to invest that into your community.

None of this happens without your support and backing. We are 100% open to conversations and transparency while welcoming your feedback. We know this industry is controversial and you may have mixed feelings and lots of questions and concerns. The point that I am trying to make with this letter is that if cannabis legalization is going to happen in Worcester, we are a very responsible and reliable group for you to consider and we hope to work with you in the future. Thank you for your time and feel free to join us for community meetings listed below, or email us any time at MA@hellodiem.com.

Chris Mitchem

Community Meetings:
8/21: 47 Camp Street at 6pm
8/22: 570 Mill Street at 6pm
8/23: 90 Harding Street at 6pm
8/24: 11 Leo Turo Way at 6pm
11/3: 2 Boland Way at 10am